Pemanfaatan Serat Pelepah Pisang sebagai Bahan Komposit

Danang Jaya, Ragita Putri, Hector Nack


Research on the manufacture of composite particle board base on natural fiber: banana fiber by using Polyester matrix Polyethy terephthalate (PET) and Poly propylene ( PP) has been conducted. The purpose of research is to get the physical and mechanical value of standard on composite board base on SNI03-2105-2006. The research method is by taking the comparison of banana fiber reinforcing material in the form particle size with thickness from 0.6mm until 1.5mm. The result of physical properties for density ranged from 0.4 gr/cm3 – 0.45 gr/cm3 for using PP and 0.97 gr/cm3 – 0.98 gr/cm3 for using PET. As for the mechanical properties of the value of modulus rapture (MOR) ranged between 2.13 N/mm2 – 3.00 N/mm2 for using PP and 2.02 N/mm2 – 3.01 N/mm2 for using PET and elastic modulus value (MOE) ranged between 5.92 N/mm2 – 8.00 N/mm2 for using PP  and 6.01 N/mm2 – 8.00 N/mm2 for using PET. Based on the analysis of trendline graphs, both for physical and mechanical properties, it turns out for each composition of natural fibers to give different values. This means that composition of by using PP and PET mixture has an influence in the physical properties as well as the mechanical properties of the composite board. The quality of natural fiber-based composite board by using (PP and PET) both physical and mechanical properties have been in accordance with the standard reference above.


composite particle board, banana fiber.

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