Purwanto Purwanto, Arif Rianto Budi Nugroho, Intan Paramita Haty


Underground water is a component in the hydrological cycle which takes place in nature,
formed by rainwater that seeped into the soil in the recharge area and flew through the media layer of
rock acting as a carrier layer of water (aquifer) in ground water basin, where is under the ground
leading to discharge area. Wates basin’s groundwater includes the Wates, Temon, Panjatan, Lendah,
Brosot, a little part of the Sentolo and Pengasih District located in Unit Plateau of volcanics fluvio,
beach units and sand dunes with the alluvial material consisting of sand, gravel, silt, and clay, flat
morphology, relative lithology and groundwater characteristics. This lithology is potential with the
occurrence of groundwater conservation system changes if there is an excessive ground water
extraction in the region which can be characterized by the increase in salinity in ground water.
The main objective of this study is to fully assess the qualitative and quantitative groundwater
in the Wates Groundwater BasinBasin due to Temon International Airport construction in its relation
to maintain the sustainability of groundwater systems.
The methods in this study consists of several steps, starting from observation and rock’s / soil
description include: measurement of rock bedding, measurement of structural geology elements,
observation of morphological conditions, and sampling soil / rock to be tested in laboratory
concerning about the content of its mineralogy, texture and structure. The cross-section will showthe
information of quantity / amount of groundwater that exist in the research area and the coast
identification towards the potential intrusion of sea water. The results of mineralogical analysis of
rocks and hydrochemical groundwater will provide information on the distribution of groundwater
quality. This conditions will certainly change the start of construction and post construction of the
airport. Information about the mineralogical content of rocks, hydrochemical content of water and
aquifer configuration will be able to contribute as an efforts in the groundwater area of International
Airport Temon, DIY.
Keywords : groundwater, aquifer, electrolite conductivity,seawater intrusion

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