Heru Sigit Purwanto, Herry Riswandi


The research location is located in Paningkaban area and its surrounding areas that included in the area
of Gumelar Subdistrict, Banyumas Regency, and Central Java Province. The objective of the research
was to show the presence of any structural geology control on research area that affect the distribution
patterns of quartz vein and gold/ore mineralization.
The methodology in this research begins with data collecting process, which this preliminary data is then
being compiled to determine the next phase of the study. This study covers the geomorphology,
stratigraphy, any structural and alteration mineralization observation. The geomorphology of the study
area composed of the four original forms: volcanic, structural, karsts and fluvial form. The stratigraphy
composed of seven unclassified litho units and two litodem, namely (from old - young): Halang volcanic
breccias unit, Halang sandstone unit, Kumbang andesite lava unit, Tapak volcanic breccias unit, Tapak
sandstones, unit Tapak limestone unit, alluvial deposits, and andesite intrusion.
Hydrothermal alterations formed in the research area are carefully grouped into three types of alteration
zoning and they are argillic alteration, propylitic alteration, and sub-propylitic alteration. The
mineralization then is carefully classified as pyrite (FeS2), chalcopyrite (CuFeS2), galena (Pbs), bornite
(Cu5FeS4). The macroscopic analysis of the structure in the study area based on the alignment of alleged
traces of the geological structure in the form of fault, or directions of the fold axis alignment, obtained
the general alignment directions trending N 305° E (NW - SE), and N 055° E (NE - SW).
In the research area, the mineralization process is controlled by geological structure such as fault and
joint. The appearance of the mineralization is abundant and can be found many fulfilling the joint zone
mainly shear joint trending Northeast - Southwest and Northwest - Southeast, the direction of joint
sharpness measured in the field relatively trending North - South. This study will emphasize on the
measurement and detailed analysis to know more about the gold mineralization process and other
minerals controlled by structures patterns. The structural control analysis can really be a good helping
hand in locating the mineralized areas because basically the activity and geological structure control
process are corridor for magma and the its rest compound that brings minerals, so the methods of
mineral ores exploration by structure control can be used in determining ore gold mineralized deposits
precipitate on gold deposits system and other minerals on a different area.
Keywords: lithostratigraphy, structure, zone of opening, zone of alteration, mineralization, metal

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